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Making an insurance claim on your home or personal belongings can be a very traumatic, emotional  and stressful experience that can often be overlooked by your Insurers. This is combined with the stress of getting your life back to normal; trying to instigate repairs and replace damaged contents or arrange alternative accommodation. Worst case, your Insurer may not be forthcoming to help you or guarantee your cover.

We can remove some of the stress and uncertainty from the process and represent you against your Insurance company making sure your home and its contents are protected. 

We’ve handled numerous claims from fire, floods, escape of water to thefts and malicious damage. Quite often, the home is no longer habitable and alternative accommodation is required urgently. Insurance companies themselves are not always equipped to help or speak in insurance or ‘expert’ jargon confusing an already stressful experience even further.

Whether you have a small terraced property or a lavish listed manor, we can be appointed as your Claim Consultants relieving you of the stress of dealing with your Insurers and making sure your claim is covered and achieving the best possible settlement for you.

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