We are Chartered Loss Adjusters and unlike other firms, we have the qualifications and skill sets to understand your clients’ claims. We have previously managed Major Loss claims for some of the UK’s biggest Insurers in both mainstream and London market.

Additionally, we continue to represent policyholders on a huge variety of substantial and complex claims driving successful results for all parties concerned.

Having experienced ‘both sides of the fence’ we know the importance of a Broker in a claim and we pride ourselves with having a valued working relationship with numerous brokers across the country. Through these various relationships, we are able to offer the following:-

  • ‘Pick up the phone’ free advice on claims 247 and even when there is no intention to appoint us. We are more interested in building a working relationship with you and your team.

  • Free onsite training on anything claims. This links to our desire of building relationships with you and your team and we are more than happy to drop by and help either through dedicated training sessions, 1-2-1 discussions or even being seated in your office to ensure we are on hand when technical help is needed.

  • On claims where we are appointed, we ensure you are kept informed of the progress of claims and copied into correspondence when necessary. You will be invited to all meetings and conference calls.

Ultimately, we stand by your Clients’ side and represent their best interests ensuring they receive the best settlement they are entitled to. This inevitably helps you retain your Clients which is something that can be difficult to do particularly when the claims process doesn’t go as smoothly as the placing of the business.

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