GUIDANCE - What happens next?

The insurance policy was purchased as a safeguard but wasn’t something you expected to use. You’ve now suffered a loss and need to, or have already made a claim against your Insurer. That policy you purchased is now being checked for the first time and you’re doing your research on what to do next and how to best protect your interest.

We’ve prepared a handy guide to help you through a claim, talk you through the likely steps and to watch out for the common pitfalls and issues that may arise along with some completely normal things that may seem odd but is part and parcel of the claims process.

Remember, the next few pages should be used as guide only. Each claim and circumstance is different and there is no replacement for expert advice whether it be from us, your Brokers or any other claim professional. In our quest to make this guide as relevant as possible, we scoured forums across the internet to look for common themes and whilst finding a variety of different questions asked, our biggest bugbear was finding completely and utterly incorrect and misleading answers from non-experts which can only make the task of removing uncertainty, more difficult.

We are happy to have a free no obligation conversation with you to see if we can assist. No high pressure sales tactics but just honest professional advice.

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