We have compiled a quick FAQ section that should cover most commonly asked questions. If we've missed something, please feel free to contact us.

Your Insurance policy usually requires you to notify your Insurer as soon as possible so you should comply accordingly otherwise you claim may not be paid or be reduced. We can report your claim on your behalf and having worked for most Insurers previously, we can ensure it is directed to the correct individuals quickly and urgently to ensure it is acted upon efficiently.

It is often the case that Insurers will try to push your claim through a pre-defined ‘process’ and will not appreciate the complexity and attention it deserves. We already know what you are entitled to under your policy and can put your mind at ease but also challenge your Insurers to ensure you get what you deserve.
Loss Adjusters are experts in claims handling and are appointed by Insurers to act in their best interest. There are only a handful of companies in existence and we have pretty much dealt with all of them. Most Insurers will claim they are ‘independent’ claim experts who are unbiased but in reality, they are ‘acting on instructions from’ and being paid for by the Insurers. Having been experts who previously and currently work in the industry, the vast majority of Loss Adjusters are not unbiased as they should be and most if not all Policyholders would benefit from expert representation.
Yes you have every right to appoint your own Loss Adjuster to represent you.
It is a reportable breach for an Insurer or their representative to tell you that you do not need your own representation. They will try to dissuade you to reduce the size of your claim.
Loss Adjusters are appointed by and paid for by Insurers so naturally they will represent Insurer’s best interest. We on the other hand act on your behalf and in your best interest. We are also fully qualified members of the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters and have the qualifications and skills to ensure you get the best outcome you deserve.
Loss Assessors is usually the term given to ‘claims professionals’ who act on behalf of Policyholders. However, the vast majority of Loss Assessors including the bigger firms use high pressure sales tactics to win your business but they then don’t have the expertise to represent you. Having dealt with most of these firms, they use aggressive, underhand and delay tactics to try increase your claim. We on the other hand, are experts who are qualified and trained in the Insurance industry and are more than equipped to represent your interests.
  1. We are qualified experts being members of both the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters (CILA).
  2. We’ve had years of experience handling both claims for Insurers and Policyholders.
  3. We know your rights and entitlement in a claim and can represent you to ensure you receive the highest possible settlement.
The amount of the fee depends on the individual case and can be tailored to your specific needs. Everything is flexible and transparent. In most cases, we can prepare a small percentage fee based on the overall payout of your claim. The fee in virtually every case outweighs the additional settlement we obtain for our clients.
Our fees are paid by the Policyholders. In some policies, our fees are covered by your Insurer. It is best to contact us so we can check this for you.
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