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Dispute Resolutions

We can provide a dispute resolution service where we are jointly appointed by you and your Insurers to resolve a dispute. This is often where you and your Insurers are already at a stalemate or something has already gone wrong and needs resolving. There can be a number of scenarios where this can happen in both domestic and commercial claims and particularly complex claims.

Naturally both parties need to agree to our involvement and therefore you should speak directly with your Insurers to engage us in respect of a dispute resolution services. Insurer’s will usually pay our fees when we are engaged.

It is important to understand our involvement in this scenario would mean that we will neither represent you or your Insurers but instead assist and advise a resolution to the claim. We would take a completely unbiased view of the circumstances and take on board all parties’ views. 

Our recommendations does not become binding on any of the parties but can often assist in offering a fresh and unbiased pair of eyes to a claim.

Contact us directly to discuss this unique service in more detail.

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